Savvy Self Care for Female Executives.



How to achieve the balance you crave, while juggling a demanding career as a high achieving executive.


(I promise you, it is possible!)





Self-Care really is the most caring thing you can do for yourself!



Join Michelle Brigman in this 6 week program and discover self care secrets that will allow you to survive and thrive in today's stressful times.


  Self Care isn't selfish.  It is about creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself. 


It is about learning to do those things that will allow you to take care of your mind, body and soul, by creating mindful behaviors, routines and mindsets that will give you strength, resilience and balance in your life.


It is about learning where you get stressed and strained, and strategically being able to lean into coping strategies, before things become too overwhelming. 


Self care is about promoting your health and well being first and foremost, so that you can continue to take care of the health and well-being of those important to you.


We live in an era of unprecedented stress, don't we? 


And now more than ever, we are pushed

to burn the candle at both ends. 


 More and more, we hear of women fighting through burnout, overwhelm, stress with everything that they have to deal with at work or in their businesses - only to go home and have to do the same with their families, relationships, children and aging parents.


How can you possibly have time to look after YOU, when all your energy and bandwidth is focused on looking after everyone else?


Of course, we know that we can't go on juggling a myriad of responsibilities and accountabilities without it taking its toll sooner or later.


Stress can be healthy in short bursts.  It can stimulate and direct our energy, and allow us to achieve our goals and deliver on deadlines.  But when it goes on for too long, from too many sources, stress becomes unhealthy.  We become stretched thin on just every level. We lose strength, resilience, energy.


We become exhausted - and then we burnout.


There is a kinder alternative.


We might not be able to change the circumstances that we need to deal with, but we can learn how to cope with it, so that it no longer overwhelms and cripples us.  In this short program, I am going to teach you how to reframe, recalibrate, and recharge so that you come back to a space of SELF CARE first - which will give you the strength and power to be able to cope with it all.


We start on November 21st

so make sure to mark the date in your calendar.


We combine the best of self study techniques with powerful downloads, workbooks and relaxation techniques.


You will work at your own pace through stimulating and thought provoking teaching videos, and discover how to implement balance and wellness in your own situations - work, home, relationship, financial, family, personal self development - and so much more.


We also will be meeting up live in our private (which is safe and secure) Facebook Community Group Page, so that you get to connect with other like minded women who are on their own journey to creating their own fabulous futures!


Are you ready to join us?




Your special price: $297

We start on November 21st


Week 1: Recognizing Burnout


Burnout and exhaustion truly is the next pandemic.  Are you in Burnout?


We explore why women are more susceptible to burnout than any other demographic today - and we become aware of the different stages of burning out and how it can manifest in our lives


Week 2: The Scarcity of Time


Where does YOUR time go? What demands do you have on your time that you need to prioritize, delegate or postpone?


We get very focused on what is really critical and what not so much, so that you can regain control over the chaos and hecticness surrounding you.

Week 3: What is working for you?


Where do you get pleasure, sustenance, nurture?  Where do you know you are lacking in support and care? 


We take a look at what works ... and become very mindful about what derails you. 

Week 4: Your Love Language


We have all heard of the Five Love Languages for relationships.  We are going to dive into the Love Languages to discover how you can best support and self care for YOU!  


Self Care is a very personal, intimate thing. What works for one, may not work for another. We drill down into what will work for you.

Week 5: So, what is Self Care Really?


It's not always bubble baths and back rubs (although that can help!)


We look at the activities, habits, mindsets, attitudes and behaviors that remind us that our needs are valid and that our we are our first priority.

Week 6: The Five E's of Self Care


We look at the Five E's of Self Care, and how we can implement them practically in our lives moving forward - in all aspects of our lives.


Your special price: $297

We start on November 21st.








This course has been created with you in mind.


You will receive a number of emails from me each week, unlocking the teaching videos and materials ...


Because we know how pressured we all are for time,

we have made sure that each video is only around 7 -10 minutes in length, so that you can optimize your time.



Work Books and Downloads


We have compiled a series of workbooks and downloads for each module, so that you will be able to record your insights and a-ha moments.


Each file has been pdf activated, so you get to choose whether you want to fill the information in digitally, or whether you want to print out a physical copy and do things the 'old fashioned' way! 


 I always prefer journaling and writing with a pen in my hand - so for those of you like me, you will find the downloads thought provoking and stimulating



Your special price: $297

We start on November 21st.













Self Care is not vanity.

It's Sanity.












Meet your host, Michelle Brigman!


I’m a 20+ year executive, with an expertise in designing award-winning customer experience programs for Fortune 500 companies and global iconic brands. I know what makes customers and employees loyal and delighted.


What I discovered through my work is that high-achieving executive women rarely know how to make themselves happy. They are tired of conforming to cultural norms, having to conceal their true identities, and sacrificing their relationships for career success.


I help them to find purpose and happiness beyond their titles and full bank accounts and create a more authentic experience of life - where they can be who they truly are.


Remember: We start on November 21st





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