Visualize the life you truly want.



Join Michelle Brigman in this 6 day program and discover a powerful step by step process that allows you to start manifesting the life you have always wanted.


  When you learn how you can use the power of intentional and conscious visualization to create purpose, set your intentions, overcome crippling and negative beliefs and achieve your goals and desires, you'll be hooked forever!






See it so strongly that it has no choice but to manifest!





Unlock the true power of intentional visualization

to create the future you have always dreamed of living.

























Visualizing what you want to create and achieve in your life is truly the most powerful thing we can do to actually make it happen.


 Whether it is a professional goal or academic achievement that you are striving for - or a more balanced life of wellness, family, time freedom and joy; whether it is concrete action steps that you want to master, or a financial goal that you want to reach, then this program is for you.


When you learn the process of intentional and conscious visualization, you will realize the power that you hold to shape your future the way you want it to be.


We start on September 8th










































We start on September 8th

so make sure to mark the date in your calendar.


We combine the best of self study with live zoom sessions so that you really get to grips with the concepts of Intentional Manifestation.


We also will be meeting up live in our private (which is safe and secure) Facebook Community Group Page, so that you get to connect with other like minded women who are on their own journey to creating their own fabulous futures!


Are you ready to join us?




Your special price: $87

We start on September 8th

Whether you prefer to create digitally or roll your hands up

and dive right on in there, we have a variety of vision board template to inspire and get you started



  • Stunning sticker downloads to make your physical boar d POP
  • Digital animation elements that will make your virtual creation SIZZLE


We have created the most fabulous downloads and worksheets for you to print out and keep.



  • 10 plus educational videos
  • Powerful visualization and manifestation exercises
  • Stunning daily affirmation cards
  • Your visualization journal
  • Your goal setting and intention diary


Connection and support from your Intentional Visualization Community, through Facebook and Live Zoom Sessions



Day 1: The Mind Body Connection


We start with the power of positivity, explore some of the neuroscience that drives our beliefs, and we understand how the mind body link works.


Day 2: How satisfied are you with your life right now? 


We explore where you are, what works and what you know needs to change in order for you to live the life you long for.

Day 3: Setting intentions and goal setting


We lean into what it is that we really want in  our life  - and through powerful visualization techniques we begin to dream our future.


Day 4: Getting creative!


This is where the fun starts and we start to get creative.


Whether you are a hands on type of vision boarder, or prefer to do it all digitally, we have stunning formats and elements that will add depth to your creation!

Day 5: What stops you? Releasing limiting beliefs


We can dream of lighting up the sky but if we hold ourselves back, we will never get there.


Today we challenge those limiting beliefs so that we can truly manifest with power.

Day 6: Setting the habit


We look at the habits, intentions, and processes that we need to become mindful of that will allow us to stay in manifestation.


You can download stunning affirmation cards and visualizations  process to help you!

Your special price: $87

We start on September 8th








This course has been created with you in mind.


You will receive a daily email from me, unlocking the teaching videos and materials for the day!


Because we know how pressured we all are for time, we have made sure that each video is only around 7 -10 minutes in length, so that you can optimize your time.



Work Books and Downloads


We have compiled a series of workbooks and downloads for each module,

so that each day you will be able to record your awarenesses, insights, notes and a-ha moments.


Each file has been pdf activated, so you get to choose whether you want to fill the information in digitally, or whether you want to print out a physical copy and do things the 'old fashioned' way! 


 I always prefer journaling and writing with a pen in my hand - so for those of you like me, you will find the downloads thought provoking and stimulating




Live calls to schedule


While most of the program is set so that you can work at your own pace, there are two live zoom sessions that you want to add to your calendar.




Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Monday 12th September, 10am central


We all have them don't we?


In this live session, we are going to be talking about all the ways we sabotage ourselves with our limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns - and discovering ways to overcome them, once and for all!






Staying in Intention


Monday 19th September, 10am central


We all fully intend to stay in intention, stay focused and positive - but unless we are mindful, the demands of our day to day lives will catch up with us and drown out any good intentions we might have. We end our program by exploring how to stay in intention, so that we CAN achieve everything we have put on our Vision Boards!


Your special price: $87

We start on September 8th













The best way to predict your future is to create it













Meet your host, Michelle Brigman!


Michelle Brigman is a renowned lifestyle coach, CX expert, and women's advocate, who is passionate about helping other women reach their full potential.  As the Founder of Brave Balanced Women, she supports professional women to live a life of fulfillment and balance. 


She focuses on empowering Executive Women to find balance through wellness practices, self-discovery, so that they can take control of their well-being and live the life they want!


Your special price: $87

We start on September 8th







Michelle has a way of making you think outside the box to discover what you really need to focus on to make your life the best it can be. 


This vision board class really helped me dig deep to figure out what I need to work on to truly make me happy. 


Michelle is not only a great life coach but she is just an amazing person and has a way of making you just want to do better for yourself.


-- Carroll--



I participated in Michelle's Vision Board mini-session recently

and I must say that she opened up new ideas for me.


I am feeling more courage to "put myself out there" and "make it happen"! She may be creating a monster here but at least I'm getting the adrenaline flowing!


I can't wait to do this program virtually as well!


-- Karin --



Your special price: $87

Remember: We start on September 8th